Day 33 - May 25, 2012 (Episode 5)

Today was a travel day, consisting of a terrible bus ride, but a fun end.

We got started at 8:00 and prepared for a long bus ride back to Oslo.  It ended up being around 10 ½ hours and sucked the whole time due to the A/C on the bus being broken, the weather being in the low 90’s that day, and being hung over from the night before!!  Our bus driver felt so bad for us that she ended up buying all the cast and crew ice cream at one of our stops!  (By the way, one funny thing about Norwegians, they love their ice cream!  It was rare that we didn’t see someone leaving a gas station without some form of ice cream!)

Eventually, we made it back to our home base in Oslo.  I got a good workout in and then we went for dinner.  Another large and incredibly good meal!

After dinner, the remaining 8 of us went out to find a bar called Tilt.  The place was great and consisted of a ton of pinball machines and those long shuffleboard games!  It was the perfect “hang-out bar” and we declared that it would be our home-bar whenever any of us were back in Oslo!

Heartfelt - The local duo playing at the bar that night.
After playing at Tilt, we lost half the group to bed.  However, Amy wanted to dance and the night was young.  Myself, Amy, Jessica and Johnathan made our way to a bar called Revolver.  It was a little hole-in-the-wall bar hidden in the basement of another bar, but was a lot of fun.  Funny thing though, I started to notice a few too many guys checking me out!  Then, we ran into one of the crew members who happens to be gay and was out with us at the gay club that we went to for Jessica’s birthday.  Anyways, he sees us and asked why we keep going out to the guy clubs, which immediately made everything crystal clear!  Apparently, this club has one gay night a week and we chose that day!  Not that it changed anything for the night, but it did explain why a couple guys were dancing as close to me as they were!  Ha!  Pretty good stuff!

Jessica convincing the manager at our hotel's restaurant to play
"Euphoria", our favorite song, after hours. Which he eventually allowed,
so that Jessica, Amy, Johnathan and I could get in one more dance!
We stayed out until about 2:00 a.m..  Jessica and Amy danced the night away, while Johnathan and I just tried to avoid getting hit on.  When the girls were all danced out, we made our way back to the hotel and called it a night.  Travel day tomorrow as we get started on Episode 6!!


Day 33 Over!!




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