Day 46 - June 7, 2012 (Episode 7)

A shot of Holmenkollen Ski Jump from our ferry ride.
Johnathan and Alf having a boat race at the Maritime Museum!
Even in the off-days, we found ways to compete!
Today is a rest day and we all took full advantage of it!  I got up around 10:00 a.m. and hung out with Alf while watching TV.  At 11:00, when everyone else finally woke up, Alf made us all omelets.  My omelet was probably the best one I’ve ever had!  (Possibly, due to the pound of butter used to make each one!  Ha!)  After we finished eating, I cleaned up for him as a thank you.  After that, I took a walk to Vigeland Park and spent some time catching up on my journal, then headed back to the apartment around 2:00 p.m. to meet with Brita for information and

 lunch (which no one ate, since it wasn’t long ago that we had the omelets).  After that, Alf, Johnathan, Jessica and I headed to the Oslo Maritime Museum.  It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be and was okay to see, but the ferry ride and city of Oslo itself were pretty cool!  We came back at 6:30 and had dinner at 7:30.  Amy, who skipped breakfast and lunch, had to skip dinner as well, since she was still extremely hung over from the night before!  We ended the night flipping through the channels for an hour or so and then I retired to my room to write this.  A very boring day, but exactly what we all needed.  However, these are the days that make me miss you guys the most!  Today was a missing Logan and Zoe day!  It has now been 46 days since I’ve seen or talked to any of you!  How crazy is this!  As nice as it is to have a day not doing anything, the longer I’m gone, the more of that day I spend missing you guys.  Can’t wait to talk to you guys again!

Day 46 Over!!

Jessica at the entrance of the Maritime Museum.

Alf with his fellow sailors!

A shot to remember where we stayed for one
of the most memorable weeks of my life!

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