Day 40 - June 1, 2012 (Episode 6)

We had a full day off today and used that time to do some sight-seeing as well as hitting up a large party!

I know there's a story behind this statue, I just can't
remember what it is.  Either way, this is the kind of
good stuff they have on display at Vigeland Park!
To start off, Austin and I, who were rooming together, had breakfast, let it settle, had a great workout, and then met with the rest of the group for lunch.  After lunch, Austin and I took the subway to Vigeland Park, which is a large park with a ton of statues, all involving naked people, many of which are in some very interesting poses!  The most famous of all, which you may remember from Episode 4 was “Angry Baby”, which you’ll remember from Episode 4.  The whole place was very cool!  After Vigeland Park we took the subway to the Oslo Opera House, a very neat looking building (again from Episode 4), right in the heart of the city.  After that, we went and checked out the Helle Hanson store to see how much all that great swag was that the show gave us.  We’re guessing that it’s probably around $3,000 U.S.!  What a gift!

When we got back, Amy, Johnathan and I went shopping for pants.  (One thing I forgot to mention earlier was that I tore the butt of my pants out a few nights prior when Johnathan, Jessica, Amy and I took that late night walk.)  They were trying to convince me to buy a pair of skinny jeans, but I couldn’t do it.  However, I did find a pair of “skinnier” jeans, so I went with that, although they probably cost a little over $100! Everything here is crazy expensive!
Our pre-party drink of the night. 

At 6:00 we got together for dinner and went to some American-style bar/restaurant, had a good dinner and then went back to the hotel for some pre-partying.  There was a new club opening up that night and it sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun, but we knew the drinks would be expensive, so everyone was drinking heavy before we left.  When it was time to leave Alf and Austin stayed behind.  Alf wanted some alone time in his room, since it’s such a rarity to have.  Austin stayed back to study Norske, although it turned out that he just fell asleep.  The rest of us, including Mama Christine, headed out to the club.

This was the moment right before Johnathan breaks C.J.'s glasses. Notice
how the party is inside and for some reason we thought it would be
more fun to go outside and jump on bean bags! What a fun crew!
It turns out that it was a tent-like structure on the side of the fjord and next to the Opera House.  It cost 100Kr ($20) to get in, but once we were in, the fun escalated quickly!  At one point, we were taking pictures of C.J., Johnathan and Jessica jumping on big bean-bag chairs.  Unfortunately, this led to Johnathan hitting C.J. in the face by accident and breaking his glasses!  This, of course, turned into a very funny running joke for the rest of the night!  Poor C.J., but he went right along with it!

Jessica and C.J. back at our favorite Oslo bar, Tilt.
We spent a few hours at this club and watched some crazy performances, but eventually it was time to leave.  When we got back to the hotel, C.J., Jessica and I weren’t in the mood to call it a night yet, so we headed back out to our favorite local watering hole, Tilt, for our own after-party and a few more drinks.  When we were done there and back in our hotel lobby, we ended up running into a guy that we had shortly spoken with this morning.  Turns out that he and his buddy that was with him, were a part of the rap artist Pitbull’s entourage!!  Apparently, Pitbull was in town and performed that night!  After telling the guys why we were there, they invited us up to their suite for a couple more drinks and what would be our after-after-party!  We were hoping that Pitbull would be there and it would be a raging party, but unfortunately it turned out to just be these two guys.  However, the suite was pretty impressive and it was free beer (for us), so we stayed for a little while.  After a couple drinks and realizing that Pitbull wasn’t going to be getting there anytime soon, we headed back to our rooms, but not before Jessica “borrowed” some breath mints and a random CD, so that she could say that she’s shared breath mints with Pitbull.  As for the CD, we’re not sure what’s on it, but we’re hoping it’s a brand new song that we’ll hear first!  Oh, and of course the new running joke is that we hung out with Pitbull!  Everyone knows it didn’t happen that way, but that’s how we’re choosing to remember it!



Day 40 Over!!

A shot of the "Angry Baby" statue.

All the statues in Vigeland Park seem to
involve naked people, including these
guys holding up this fountain.

A shot of the "Monolith" at Vigeland.
There are 121 different figures in this
15 meter high statue.

One of the most unusual sculptures.

Posing with naked children.

Austin and I hopped a construction
fence so we could ride this zip line.

A shot of Oslo's Opera House.

We took a lot of photos trying to get the perfect
shot of Johnathan, Jessica and C.J. jumping on
these bean bags, but our timing was usually off.

Another shot.  Too late.

C.J. showing he can jump like Michael Jordan!

The aftermath of the fury of Johnathan!

Simple lesson:  Don't mess with a man rocking
a Charlie Brown shirt to a bar!

Johnathan keeping a souvenir.

One of that night's performers apparently
thought it would be good to hide in a tree.

Another performer for the night.
I almost wore this same outfit.  That
would have been embarrassing!

Outside of our hotel lobby, there's this
statue of Kate Moss in an interesting
yoga pose.  Very interesting.

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