Day 66 - June 27, 2012 (Episode 10: The Finals!)

Today, I go home!!!  I’m ecstatic to be home and see you and the girls!  I cannot wait!

I woke up at 3:00 a.m., had a quick shower and was in a cab at 3:30.  Off to the airport for our 6:00 a.m. flight to Copenhagen.

Both my Mom and I had first class tickets for the Copenhagen flight, which was unexpected.  However, because it was such a short flight, there wasn’t anything too spectacular, but still a pretty good way to travel!

After a two hour layover in Copenhagen, we boarded our flight to Newark.  My Mom had received a first class ticket for her troubles that she had while coming to Norway and I was in coach.  However, she insisted that we switch.  I didn’t put up too much of a fight!  The accommodations were incredible!  Plenty of room, a chair that could fully recline, tons of good food and an open bar!  I couldn’t pass it all up, so I took advantage of everything.  The only thing that sucked was my audio was really crappy, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it, so I lived with it.  We were up in the air for about 8 hours, half of which I watched movies. Then, when my audio completely crapped out, I decided to take a nap.  It really was an amazing experience and again, a great way to wind the trip up.  I felt like a VIP!

Eventually, we made it to Newark, had to do border patrol and customs, recheck our baggage and soon, jumped back on another plane.  This time, I would be going home to Indianapolis!  Again, my Mom switched her first class ticket for mine.  Another short flight, so nothing too crazy, but plenty of space, comfortable seats and a free glass of Baileys!  I can’t stop taking advantage.  Ha!

After a short flight, we landed safely on the ground.  I couldn’t wait!  Any moment now, I would get to not only talk to you, but actually see and touch you and the girls for the first time in 66 days!  I was trying to envision what you would look like with that pregnant belly of yours, whether the girls would have grown another couple inches while I was gone and what other things had happened while I was gone!  There was so much that could have happened and so much that I could’ve missed!  I couldn’t wait!

My Mom and I got off the plane and headed down the concourse.  We knew that you were supposed to be waiting for us in the main terminal, so the plan was to send my Mom ahead with my video camera.  I wanted to get our greeting on video!  (I'll put the video on my Facebook Fan Page.) Sure enough, we went in and you weren’t anywhere to be found!  Ha!  All this anticipation and you weren’t there!  Obviously, you weren’t expecting our flight to come in as early as we did.  Fortunately, it wasn’t too much longer.  I hid behind one of the kiosks and there you came with the girls in tow.  I jumped out, threw down my bag and got on my knees!  Both girls immediately came running!  They were so excited that they immediately started running circles around me, over and over!  I had to grab them just to get a hug!  What a great moment!  Then, you and I finally had our moment!  What a moment!  It had been 66 days since we last touched.  I had experienced helicopters, planes, boats, Syttende Mai, bunads, black metal, the biathlon, street performances, 15 foot snow drifts, oil rigs, fjords, pie fights, parties, camping, the arctic sea, and so much more, yet nothing was as great as being back in your arms!  Thank you for allowing me to take this time to have this experience!  Thank you for being so supportive and such a great mother!  Thank you for being my best friend and an amazing wife!  Thank you for being you!  I love you!!

A Journey of a Lifetime Over…….for now!!


A look at the recently expanded Ferris Family! This picture was taken three
months after we finished filming Alt for Norge Season 3 and was taken at our
Season Finale Party here in Indianapolis. Baby Kaia is three weeks old here
and all of the girls are wearing some makeshift bunads that my mom put together!
Thanks to everyone for all of your support and for making this such an incredible
and life-altering experience!!! Alt for Norge!!!!

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